Conservationist of the Year

This award was established by the Conservation Commission to honor the person who has demonstrated a high regard for the environment.   Nominations are sought in the spring and the award is presented annually at the Carlisle Old Home Day ceremonies.   (See below for list of past recipients.)  

2022 Conservationist of the Year Award Notice and Nomination Form HERE

1988 Adalbert E. Benfield

1989 Kenneth J. Harte

1990 Judith A. Lane

1991 Lois H. Surgenor

1992 Sally Zielinski

1993 Mark Duffy

1994 Steven W. Hinton

1995 Jay Luby

1996 Susan Emmons/Betsy Fell

1997 Eunice Knight

1998 Steve Tobin

1999 Greg Peterson

2000 Seba Gaines

2001 Janet Lovejoy, Jack & Betty Valentine, George and Jill Reichenbach, Fred Rundlett,  Adalbert Benfield

2002 Marjorie Findlay

2003 Wayne Davis

2004 Art Milliken

2005 Alex Parra

2006 Kay Fairweather

2007 Louise Hara

2008 Steve Spang, David Freedman, Mary Zoll

2009 John D. Lee

2010 Tricia Smith

2011 Sally Swift

2012 Warren Lyman.  Junior Award to Claire Brandhorst

2013 The Elliott Family

2014 Lynn Knight

2015 Alan Ankers

2016 Liz Carpenter

2017 Katharine Endicott, Leslie Thomas

2018 J. Thomas Brownrigg

2019 Marc Lamere

2020 Peter Burn

2021 Jonathan DeKock