Land Stewardship Committee

The Carlisle Conservation Commission established the Land Stewardship Committee (LSC) in 2005 as a subcommittee to assist the Commission in managing town-owned conservation land.

Our purpose is to protect and maintain the natural and cultural resources being preserved on these parcels, including wildlife habitat, water and forest resources, scenic vistas, as well as historic structures and their related cultural values.

As stewards of conservation land, the LSC also seeks to foster a strong commitment among the town’s residents to protect Carlisle’s conservation lands for the unique recreational and educational opportunities that only open space can provide.

One of the main duties of the LSC is to develop baseline assessments and management plans for each of the major conservation parcels the town owns. A baseline assessment is a compilation of information about each parcel. It covers the acquisition history; the historic and current uses; it documents the parcel’s significant natural and cultural features; and assesses the current condition of its resources. After each baseline assessment is completed, the LSC develops a management plan for each parcel. The management plan forms the basis for conducting ongoing maintenance of the properties as well as proposing improvements. The management plans are developed with input from other town committees as well as the public.

For more detail on the goals, objectives, and specific activities of the LSC, see Establishment of a Land Stewardship Program in Carlisle (PDF).

Term Expires
Debby Geltner 2026
Rhonda Michaud, Co-Chair 2025
Dwight DeMay 2026
Warren Lyman 2024
Claudia Talland 2024
Shane Usher 2025
Julie Durrell 2025
Adam Chojnacki 2026
Judy Asarkof, Co-Chair  2025
Sylvia Willard, Conservation Commission Liaison n/a