Fox Hill

Brief History

Fox Hill is an 11-acre parcel purchased in 1981 for conservation and recreation purposes. There are two agricultural fields that have been farmed for generations, most recently by a local farmer to grow hay for livestock.

Interesting Features

Fields and Vistas. Fox Hill has two hay fields (about 8 acres) connected by a short path which crosses a seasonal stream.

Fox Hill

The fields are currently licensed to a local farmer who uses the hay to feed her goat herd. (Cheese is made from the goat’s milk.) The two fields afford lovely views from Bedford Road and Stearns Street, and also from various points around the fields.

Wildlife Habitat. The diverse habitats present at Fox Hill-fields, woods, wetlands and intervening shrub areas -provide excellent habitat for wildlife. The seasonal pools in the northwest corner of the parcel are being investigated as possible vernal pools. Bluebird houses were erected on the property in 2006.

Hiking Trails

While there are no official trails at Fox Hill, walkers and horseback riders are welcome to use the perimeter of the agricultural hay fields and the mowed path that crosses the middle of the two fields.

Trail maps are available online on the Trails Committee website and can be purchased in hard copy at Town Hall and at Ferns Country Store.

Getting There

Fox Hill is located at the intersection of Bedford Road and Stearns Street, about 2/3 mile east of Town center. Parking (unofficial sites) for 1 or two cars is available at the site entrances on Bedford Road and Stearns Street.

Planning Documents