Towle Field Mowing Protocols


 Towle Field Mowing Protocols prepared for the Carlisle Conservation Commission August 2021

 This file contains photographs of:

  1. Four conservation fields in nearby towns, and one in Carlisle, that are mowed by protocols similar to those recommended in the LSC's "Towle Field Mowing Protocols" report (August 2021). Such protocols avoid mowing during the full extent of the field's growing season, and may include one early mowing and one late mowing each year, or just one late mowing, typically after the first hard frost in the fall.
  2. Towle Field no-mow areas in 2018 (May to October)
  3. Towle Field on July 31, 2021, prior to any 2021 mowing Follow the links below for the desired conservation field photographs.
Littleton - Cloverdale Conservation Area
  Five (5) photos taken 7-21-21 (Photo credits: Debby Geltner) CLICK HERE

Littleton - Mary Shepard Open Space 

Three (3) photos taken 7-22-21 (Photo credits: Tom Brownrigg) CLICK HERE

Acton - Stoneymeade Conservation Land 

Seven (7) photos taken 7-26-21 (Photo credits: Warren Lyman) CLICK HERE

Lincoln- Mass Audubon, Drumlin Farm
Seven (7) photos taken 7-25-21 (Photo credits: Judy Asarkof) CLICK HERE

Carlisle- Spencer Brook Reservation (owned by CCF)
Nine (9) photos taken 7-17-21 (Photo credits: Warren Lyman) CLICK HERE

Town Field no-mow areas in 2018
Eleven (11) no-mow area photos taken May to October 2018, plus one post-mow photo taken (of a no-mow area) in November 2018 (Photo credits: Tom Brownrigg) CLICK HERE

Towle Field on July 31, 2021, prior to any 2021 mowing
Nineteen (18) photos taken 7-31-21 (Photo credits: Warren Lyman) CLICK HERE