Conservation Properties

The Town of Carlisle owns over 30 conservation parcels totaling almost 1,100 acres.  Many of the properties have unique features and offer wonderful opportunities for hiking and observing nature.  Learn more about each property and how you can make them part of your outdoor experience. (Click on the property of interest below.)

The Conservation Land Use Guidelines (PDF) document was prepared to provide a comprehensive repository of relevant background information for ConsCom when making decisions about conservation land use and management.

The LSC also developed a report (PDF) that examines the use of pesticides on town-owned conservation lands that are leased for agricultural production. The Conservation Commission grants licenses to farmers on some conservation lands for animal feed and cranberry production.

Want to get involved?

The LSC welcomes input from town residents. We invite you to volunteer to be an informal steward for a particular parcel that you enjoy. If you see inappropriate activities or encroachments on any conservation land, please report them to us. Contact us via Sylvia Willard, the Conservation Administrator (978-369-0336).