Trails Committee

The Carlisle Trails Committee was formed to provide the community with information and opportunities to enjoy trails, to maintain the trail network, and to plan and preserve trails. At the heart of the committee’s work is the belief that a network of open trails benefits both individual residents and the town as a whole. Our trails offer access to conservation lands as well as linking neighborhoods and enhancing the values of surrounding real estate. They are a treasured resource and an important element of Carlisle’s rural character.

The committee considers the preservation of unprotected trails and the creation of new trails to be its most important task. As residential development consumes the town’s remaining open spaces and privately owned trails, efforts are continuously underway to negotiate easements and conservation restrictions designed to benefit both landowners and trail users. Ideally, the number of public trails will continue to grow as the town’s population grows.

The Carlisle Trails Committee extends grateful appreciation to all of those whose efforts and participation have helped establish this wonderful network of trails and we encourage others to contribute to its future growth. 

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Members Term Expires
Marc Lamere, Treasurer
Warren Spence, Clerk
Chris Chiapella 2024
Alan Ankers, Chair 2025
Stephen P. Tobin, Vice Chair and Secretary 2025
Sarah Carmichael 2026
Adam Chojnacki 2026
Kath Hardcastle, Associate 2026
Mark Longwell, Associate 2026
Merritt Maxim, Associate 2026