Wetlands Protection Act Forms and Instructions

The purpose of a Notice of Intent filing is to protect the Commonwealth's wetland resources in accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, which prohibits the removal, dredging, filling, or altering of wetlands without the filing of a Notice of Intent and the issuance of a permit (Order of Conditions).

The Abbreviated Notice of Intent filing simplifies filing requirements for project which are likely to result in limited impacts to wetland resource areas.  

The Request for Determination of Applicability is a process which provides applicants with the option of seeking a determination on the applicability of the Wetlands Protection Act (the Act) to a proposed site or activity. Before filing this form to confirm the boundary delineation of a resource area, the applicant should discuss other delineation review options with the Conservation Commission. The Commission may require the submission of WPA Form 4A (Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation), WPA Form 3 (Notice of Intent), or WPA Form 4 (Abbreviated Notice of Intent).

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