Finance Committee

The Finance Committee was established under Article 17 of the warrant for the annual town meeting held February 13, 1933, and further amended under Article 19 of the warrant for the annual town meeting held March 10, 1969. 3.9.2 There shall be a Finance Committee which shall consider all fiscal questions and may consider municipal questions at their discretion for the purpose of making reports or recommendations to the town. This committee shall consist of seven (7) voters who shall serve without pay, and members may hold no other elective or appointive town positions involving expenditure of town money during their terms of office. Members shall be appointed by the Select Board with consideration for the demographic composition of the town. Appointments shall be for terms of three (3) years, expiring on the dissolution of the annual town meeting held for the final year of the term. Within thirty (30) days after the dissolution of each annual town meeting, the Select Board shall reappoint (or appoint successors to) members whose terms have expired, except that no one shall serve more than three (3) consecutive terms. Within thirty (30) days after the Select Board has been notified of a vacancy occurring in the committee other than by expiration of term of office, the Select Board shall fill this vacancy for the unexpired term. The Select Board may revoke an appointment to the committee if the appointee has failed to attend one half of its regular meetings, or for other cause. 3.9.3 The Finance Committee shall, as soon as possible after the annual appointment of new members has been made, meet for the purpose of organization. Four (4) members of the committee shall constitute a quorum. The committee may, from time to time, make such rules and regulations governing their meetings and the conduct of their work as they may deem best for the interests of the Town. The committee shall hold public meetings and may invite any town officer, employee, citizen, person, board or committee to attend and to provide information that will assist the committee upon any public matter before it for consideration. 3.9.4 The Finance Committee shall each year request and receive copies of each proposed budget for the next fiscal year from the various town departments, officers, and bodies charged with the expenditure of town money.


7 members appointed by Select Board / Term: 3 Year


Name Term
Victor Liang 2026
James Catacchio 2024
Lynne Lipinsky, Chair 2024
Heidi Sjoberg 2025
Aaron D’Elia  2025
Craig Leelman  2026
Marc Bernstein 2026