Housing Production Plan

HPP graphic2022 Housing Production Plan Project

In Massachusetts, Housing Production Plans (HPPs) help municipalities better understand local housing needs and demand, development constraints and opportunities, and their vision for future Affordable Housing (and sometimes market-rate housing).

The Carlisle Affordable Housing Trust has organized this planning project to study Carlisle’s housing needs and develop a strategy for increasing the supply of affordable housing, consistent with the goals articulated in the final draft of the Carlisle Master Plan. 

The project is being supported by expert housing planners from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), and is guided by a nine-member steering committee of Carlisle residents, housing professionals, board members, and other community stakeholders that were enlisted by the CAHT:

  • Adelaide Grady, Carlisle Planning Board
  • Barney Arnold, Carlisle Select Board 
  • Gina Fox, Carlisle Affordable Housing Trust 
  • Maureen Cosgrove-Deery, Carlisle Affordable Housing Trust 
  • Joan Ingersoll, Carlisle Council on Aging
  • Christine Lear, Carlisle Member at Large 
  • Amanda Coperchio, Carlisle School Committee
  • Rachel Gore Freed, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council
  • Jeffrey Brem, Habitat for Humanity

2022 Housing Production Plan Fact Sheet

Details about the project and its goals.

2023 Housing Production Plan - draft

The HPP Steering Committee has completed the final draft of the plan with the indispensable assistance of housing planners at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). The draft report has been submitted for adoption by both the Select Board and the Planning Board. You may read the entire report here. Please email any questions or comments to caht@carlislema.gov

The Affordable Housing Trust is planning to hold educational sessions regarding the Housing Production Plan and Affordable housing topics soon – watch for details here and in the Carlisle Mosquito.

2015 Housing Production Plan