Carlisle Agricultural Directory

This directory is in no way an endorsement of services or products by the Town of Carlisle.

Name Detail Contact / Website
Clark Farm
Organic vegetables and berries, and livestock Clark Farm Website
Capra Diem Nigerian Dwarf Goats Small Nigerian Dwarf Goat breeder producing registered, naturally raised goats for dairy, show, 4-H, pets or weed control! n/a
Sunflower Sheep Farm Raising sheep for wool, herding training, and partnering with other farms to provide pasture for lamb meat. n/a
Great Brook Farm State Park Dairy farm, run by the Duffy Family, located within Great Brook Farm State Park. Visit the farm animals, seasonal ice cream stand and farm products.
Joe Pye Weed's Garden Wholesale flower growers, plant breeders, and occasional wedding flower arrangers.
Joe Pye Weed's Garden Website
Spencer Brook Vineyard Wine Grape Vineyard
Sweet Autumn Farm Sweet Autumn Farm
Certified Organic

Farm Stand: Tuesday: 2 - 6 p.m.
                    Saturday: 10 - 2 p.m.
 Spring tomato, pepper, and flower seedlings
 cut flowers
 edible flowers
 chicken eggs
 duck eggs
 Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Kids available in spring. All raised organically, and dam-raised.
P.O. Box 736
Carlisle, MA 01741
Email Sweet Autumn Farm