Carlisle Master Plan


The master plan will articulate a long-term vision and goals for Carlisle that will guide planning, policy decisions, and investments in our town over the next 5-10 years.

Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC)

Reporting to the Planning Board, Board of Selectmen, and FinCom, the Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC) manages the master plan process, work plan, schedule and fee estimate. The Master Plan Steering Committee’s responsibilities include recommendations on budget requirements, the request for proposal (RFP) process for hiring and procuring a planning consultant, coordination and management of the master plan process and planning consultant.

MPSC members

Master Plan Working Group (MPWG)

The 37-member Master Plan Working Group (formerly Advisory Committee) represents a diverse range of ages and interests of the Carlisle community. The MPWG provides input and feedback on a wide range of issues and ideas. Members help disseminate information out to others who live and work here, in order to maximize community awareness of and participation in the planning process. Master Plan Working Group will provide input to the Town throughout the master planning process.

MPWG members