Upcoming Town Meeting

Annual Town Meeting Timeline

Below are some of the key dates. To download the detailed schedule, click here (PDF).

November - December 2016: Finance Committee meets with Department Heads, Committees and Boards; formulates and publishes Budget Guidelines.
December 2016: Board of Selectmen open Annual Town Meeting Warrant.
Late March 2017: Board of Selectmen close Warrant; Finance Committee finalizes recommendations on budget items.
April 17, 2017: Draft motions due to Town Administrator for all town-sponsored articles; motions for Citizens’ Petition articles due to Town Moderator.
May 3, 2017: Powerpoint presentations due to Town Moderator.
May 9, 2017: Annual Town Meeting

Key Documents

  • Timeline
  • Warrant
  • FinComm Budget Guidelines
  • Budget
  • Annual Town Report
  • Community Preservation Committee Articles

Issues Forum

  • Online Issues Forum
  • Town Meeting Issues Preview Video
  • “I was wondering...” post questions you’d like to have answered before you vote