Raffle Permit Information


Gaming events such as raffles, casino or Las Vegas nights, or poker tournaments may only be conducted by a non-profit organization (whether or not incorporated) that has been organized and actively functioning in Massachusetts for at least two years and is one of the following:

  • Veterans' organization chartered by Congress;
  • Church or religious organization;
  • Fraternal or fraternal benefit society, such as an Elks Club or union:
  • Educational or charitable organization;
  • Civic or service club; or
  • Other club or organization operated exclusively for nonprofit purposes.

Step 1: Before completing your application for a permit to hold a raffle or bazaar, please take a few minutes to read the “Massachusetts Attorney General’s Guidance on Raffles” at:

Guidance on Raffles | Mass.gov

You may wish to print a copy to retain these for your records.

Step 2: Complete one (1) copy of the Application for Permit to Conduct Raffles and Bazaars, please be

sure to have original signatures on copy.  CLICK HERE for an Application Form. 

Step 3: Send by mail or email (townclerk@carlislema.gov) or deliver in person the copies of: 

  • the application, 
  • proof of your organization’s non-profit status, and
  • payment: pay online or by cash, money order, or check made out to the Town of Carlisle for $20.00 to the Town Clerk’s Office at the address below:




Step 4: The Town Clerk's Office will review your application and send it to the Chief of Police for endorsement. If the application is endorsed, the Police Chief will return the application to the Town Clerk to issue the permit.

Step 5: The Town Clerk’s Office will notify you your application has been endorsed and to visit our office to complete the State form entitled "Notice of Issuance of Raffle and/or Bazaar License City or Town" (green slip) and obtain the permit .

In the office, you will complete the appropriate sections of the green slip and sign the back. The Town Clerk will complete their sections, including sign and seal. 

The Town Clerk will then issue your permit, which remains valid for one calendar year. 

Note: Before your permit expires, please complete an Annual Report Form and submit two (2) copies to the Town Clerk’s Office within thirty (30) days of the expiration of your permit. The State should provide you with the Annual Report Form. If for some reason you don't receive it, please reach out to our office.