Dog Licenses

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A late fee of $25 per household now applies to dog licensure.

Late fees are currently unable to be processed online. Make late fee payment by mail, drop box, or in person. See general instructions below.

Late fees are not applicable for dogs new to Carlisle or who have just turned 6 months old (and received their first rabies vaccination). Dogs must be licensed within 30 days. 

Annual Licensing process 

An up-to-date rabies certificate must be on file before a license can be issued.

There are three ways to license your dog(s): 

  1. Online – click here
    • If you choose to apply and pay on-line you must email an up-to-date rabies certificate to 
    • There is a $1 fee per license, included in the online price, to cover mailing cost.
  2. By mail – download the application form here 
    • To apply by mail, please send your application, up-to-date rabies certificate, check payable to “Town of Carlisle”, and a self-addressed stamped envelope with $0.70 postage in order for your tag to be mailed to you. 
  3. In person at Town Hall 
    • To apply in person, bring your application and up-to-date rabies certificate. Payment can be in the form of cash, check or credit card. 

Licensing Details 

The license period is January 1st through December 31st. All dogs over 6 months old need to be licensed by March 31st every year. The cost is $15 for a neutered male or spayed female and $20 for an unaltered dog of either gender. For residents who are 70 years of age or older there is no fee but they are still required to license their dog(s).

After March 31st a $25 late fee is added for unlicensed dogs. New residents must license their dog(s) within a month of moving to Carlisle to avoid the late fee.

For more information contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 968-369-6155 or