Shed-Fence-Tent Information



  • Completed Building Permit Application
  • Permit fee is $100
  • Certified plot plan (a surveyors map of the property) indicating the placement of shed on the property.

If the shed is 120 square feet or less:

  • Will not require a foundation
  • Setbacks are 40 feet from front, rear and side property lines

If the shed is greater than 120 square feet:

  • Requires a foundation with sona tube holes 4 feet deep
  • Setbacks 40 feet from front, rear and side property lines

Property or Privacy Fence

A permit is not necessary for a property or privacy fence.

Pool Fence

The pool fence is subject to Massachusetts State Building Code specifications.

A permit and inspections are required for a pool fence.


Contact the Fire Prevention Office regarding a tent certificate of compliance, 978-369-2242.

A permit from the Building Department is not necessary for a tent.

*For Inspections and Questions Call: 978-369-6689 Fax: 978-318-0098 *