Grants Information

How do I or my organization apply for a grant?

Grant applications may be submitted between September 1 and October 17, 2023. All applications are entered and submitted online and are available starting September 1 at the Mass Cultural Council Local Cultural Council Program site.

Please note that the Carlisle Cultural Council has the following guidelines in addition to what is included in the online application.

Carlisle Cultural Council FY24 Grant Priorities 

Approved 8/18/23

Program Purpose

The volunteer members of the Carlisle Cultural Council are committed to promoting the arts, music, history, culture and the humanities in Carlisle. We serve our community by supporting and producing both participatory and audience-based cultural and arts activities which benefit local residents. 

We know that lists of requirements can seem daunting. Our goal is to encourage applications for a variety of experiences. We are here to help should you have any questions.  

What we mean by culture: music, dance, theater, fine art, pop art, graphic arts, sculpture, photography, multimedia, fiber arts, ethnic customs, culinary arts, humanities, literature, poetry, nature, gardening, woodworking, ceramics, storytelling, history, science, language and more…


Preference will be given to Carlisle organizations and applicants. Applications from non-Carlisle residents will be considered for programs directly benefiting Carlisle residents. All applications should demonstrate a strong connection and benefit to the Carlisle community.

Non-resident individuals and organizations:

1. If your program occurs in Carlisle, you must have a predetermined local sponsor and a letter from the sponsor with your application. The letter should specify the type and level of support that the sponsor will provide. The application must identify the venue as either in-person or virtual (or both). Virtual programs must be managed by the sponsor.

2. If your program does not occur in Carlisle, you must have a supporting letter from at least one resident that explains how your program will benefit Carlisle residents.

All applicants: preference will be given to:

1. Projects which encourage community-wide participation

2. Projects which encourage multi-generational engagement

3. Projects celebrating cultural diversity and inclusivity

4. First time funding of projects



All applications must specify a committed date and venue for in-person or remote events. Preference may be given to events that take place in Carlisle or venues that typically draw in a large percentage of Carlisle residents. 

For in-person and online events, accessibility, including physical and digital access (e.g. captions) should be thought of when planning project location and/or delivery. Applicants should indicate if they have flexibility to deliver projects virtually should adjustments be needed due to Massachusetts health safety recommendations.

Please tell us as much as possible about your project’s intended audience and/or participants, including the estimated number of Carlisle residents, age group recommendations, areas of interest, and appeal to underserved audiences. 

Applicants should indicate when they are co-sponsored by another organization and the level of commitment from the co-sponsor. If applying to other LCCs, be sure to include all possible LCC grant funds in your budget. Your event should be able to proceed with only partial funding from the Carlisle Cultural Council.

Applications must be made online via the Mass. Cultural Council SmartSimple system. Applications provide for attachments that will help us understand how your program fits with the Council’s priorities. Correspondence, including any clarifications and notifications of awards will be conducted via email. Please be sure the email address on the application is one which will be used throughout the process. 

Grants typically range up to $500.


Post-award Requirements

Upon award, all grantees will be asked to include specific language regarding ADA accessibility on promotional materials, including directions to accessible entrances. 

Approved grantees must advertise or announce their program(s) to the Carlisle community via local media, including digital and physical. We can provide guidance about local communication vehicles. The Carlisle Cultural Council logo must be used in promotional materials as approved in advance; additional instructions are included in grant award letters.

All grantees will be required to send a press release or thank you letter to the Carlisle Mosquito, crediting the Carlisle Cultural Council and the Mass Cultural Council. 

Grants are made on a reimbursement basis. Instructions are included in award communications.

We can provide assistance in support of grant applications, especially to anyone requiring accommodation for a disability. 

We appreciate your interest!

Access this information in PDF form here.