Transfer Station

Sticker: Stickers are $25 each for the first vehicle at one residence (each additional sticker for a second vehicle is $10.) Payment is by check only made payable to the Town of Carlisle. Cash is not accepted.

Stickers may be purchased by residents at the Carlisle Police Station (Dispatcher’s window) by presenting proof of residence and vehicle identification. Residences whose household disposables are picked up by local collectors must also obtain residential stickers, and such firms must maintain (and be prepared to display) lists of the residential addresses that they serve. The stickers will be available for purchase on January 1 of each year and must be displayed on vehicles no later than April 1.

Demolition Materials Permit: There is a permit fee of $50 for each pickup truck-sized load and $150 for each larger truck-sized load. Residents may obtain permits for disposing of demolition materials at the Police Station (Dispatcher’s window) by filling out an application together with proof of residence and previous purchase of a residential Transfer Station sticker, and payment of the appropriate fee. Residents (or their agents) may purchase up to 3permits at one time to minimize delays.