Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is operated by the Department of Public Works to provide services to residents for the responsible disposal of household waste. It is operated in a manner consistent with state laws and in support of the sustainability initiatives set by the Carlisle Select Board. Recycling & reuse are encouraged and supported. The Transfer Station strives to provide efficient, convenient and cost-effective service to all residents of the Town of Carlisle.

The Transfer Station accepts only trash and recycling which originates within Carlisle from normal household activity and conforms with acceptable use as defined in the Carlisle Recycling & Transfer Station Regulations and is disposed in conformance with the MA Department of Environmental Protection's waste bans.

Items not permitted for regular disposal at the Transfer Station:

  • Hazardous waste such as oil-based paints and used motor oil. The DPW and Board of Health host a Hazardous Waste Day once per year for residents to dispose of these items. 
  • Materials containing asbestos of any kind. See the Asbestos Safety Program at
  • Large bulk items (boats, cars, etc.) 

Please see Recycling at the Transfer Station for information regarding general recycling, large bulk items, brush, and debris.
Location:  59 Morse Road (off of Elizabeth Ridge Road)
Hours of Operation (except for holiday closures)

       Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-7pm

       Saturday from 8am-5pm

Transfer Station Stickers (Permit)

Use of the Transfer Station requires a vehicle permit, issued annually for each calendar year, affixed to the front left bumper. A sticker is valid through March 31 of the year following the year it was issued. The fee for the first sticker for each residence is $30. Each additional sticker per residence is $10. Any resident using a commercial hauler which uses the services of the Transfer Station must also purchase a sticker. Stickers are available for purchase online, by mail, or in person at Town Hall with Gretchen Gallimore, the Executive Assistant to the Select Board, 2nd Floor. 

To Order In-Person

Visit Town Hall, 66 Westford Street, go the 2nd floor, turn right and go through the doorway on the right, second desk to the right. You will need to know the license plate number(s) of the car(s) being permitted. Payments by check, cash, or credit are accepted. A credit card fee from your credit service provider will apply. You will receive your sticker at time of completed application and payment. 

To Order Online

Complete the application and payment for a Transfer Station Permit with our Patriot Properties site- HERE 

Your sticker(s) will then be mailed to you. If you have already purchased your first sticker ($30) and would like to purchase another sticker ($10), please call 978-369-6155 or visit Town Hall. 

You will have the following payment options:

  • Electronic Check--You will need one of your checks with you when you pay your bill online in order to get your account number and bank's routing number from it. You will be shown where this information is on your check. There will be a $0.25 processing fee for all electronic check payments. 
  • Credit Card--UniPay accepts MasterCard, AMEX and Discover for credit card payments. A convenience fee, based on the payment amount, is charged for each online transaction. The credit card service provider charges the fee to your credit card. When paying by credit card, the fee amount will appear in a separate box and will be totaled with the amount of the sticker fee. Please consult the UniPay fee schedule before selecting this payment option at

To Order by Mail

Complete the Mail-in Application & Instructions available HERE (check payment only)