Transfer Station Action Committee

Mission: Respect for the environment is an important value to Carlisle residents. The Carlisle Transfer Station is an essential town asset that provides opportunities to properly dispose of solid waste, reuse useful items, and recycle. 

Charge: The Transfer Station Action Committee will continue to identify and implement programs which will reduce solid waste tonnage, provide improved service to the community, and which support the efforts of the DPW in the operation of the Transfer Station. Specific responsibilities include:

  •  Reduction of the town’s solid waste tonnage.
  • Improvements in the town’s recycling efforts.
  • Improvements in the layout and appearance of the Transfer Station.
  • Improvements in the reuse of re-usable items.
  • Community education both with respect to use by individual residents and organizations running events.
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress.
  • Support for DPW initiatives which is appropriate for a volunteer organization – (note: ongoing necessary functions which are required for the operation of the Transfer Station will be the responsibility of DPW personnel, the role of the TSAC with respect to such operational activities is limited to supporting activities if requested).
  • Coordination with Environmental Sustainability Committee

The TSAC will provide regular progress reports to the Carlisle Select Board as requested. Membership: 9 initially staggered: 3-year term, 2-year term, 1-year term; thereafter 3-year terms

After nearly a year since it formation, the Transfer Station Action Committee has completed most of the items identified by the final report of the Transfer Station Task Force:

  • Completed Transfer Station changes including removal of the oil tank, more convenient layout of the recyclable bins, addition of redeemables bins, replacement of all signage with more informative signage linked to the town website, relocated to swap shed to provide more parking and generally improved the aesthetic appearance
  • Revised the Transfer Station web pages on the town site to provide much more detailed information about recycling which may be accessed from QR codes on signage at the Transfer Station.
  • Initiated a program of community outreach & education which will be ongoing in order to maintain awareness of recycling as well as report on progress
  • Worked with the DPW to assure timely filing of all information required by the MA DEP in order to qualify for available grants and support
  • Revised the Transfer Station regulations to be consistent with state law, provide the town with the needed tools to operate effectively and also assure that the same rules are applied to all users.
  • Established an enforcement policy for local private haulers who dispose at the Transfer Station

Additionally, in 2022 the solid waste tonnage dropped by 10% (180 tons) which was the 2-year goal of identified by the Transfer Station Task Force. For many years, Carlisle has handled approximately 1800 tons of solid waste each year. This is the first substantive reduction in a long time. Actual tonnage estimate in the first 4 months of 2023 indicate a further substantial reduction is likely to occur. 

Analysis of Transfer Station Data - 2010 to 2023 Chart 

The Transfer Station Action Committee is now moving beyond the recommendations of the Transfer Station Task Force and will continue to pursue initiatives intended to reduce solid waste. The set of initiatives for the coming year include:

  • Identifying opportunities to handle additional recyclables such as styrofoam, plastic bags, redeemables and gable top containers
  • Composting, both at home and via the Transfer Station disposal
  • Guidelines to conduct events (large and small) in a sustainable manner
  • Implementation of the private local hauler enforcement
  • Expansion of reuse initiatives in conjunction with charitable organizations
  • Enhancement of quantity of swap shop deposits that are reused by addition of part time senior tax worker to keep shed organized
  • Continuation of community education and outreach programs
  • Further Transfer Station improvements including parking
  • Collaboration with Environmental Sustainability Committee
  • Exploration of opportunities for source reduction (such as food safety education)

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