Online Payments

Building Department - Online Permits

Online Permits available for:

  • Residential 
  • Commercial
  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Sheet Metal
  • Plumbing
  • Trench 
  • Woodstove
  • Sign
  • Demolition 

Tax Collector - UniPay Tax Payments 

Online Payments available for:

  • Motor Vehicle Excise
    • If your Excise bill is past the demand stage, further collection will be made by the Town's Deputy Collector, Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc. The bills sent out by Kelley & Ryan are called Excise Tax Warrants. If you receive an Excise Tax Warrant or have an Excise Tax Bill that was issued 60 or more days ago, please pay Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc. directly via phone 800-239-2155, online or at one of their payment locations.  
  • Personal Property 
  • Real Estate

Town Clerk - UniPay Town Clerk Transactions

Online Payments or Pre-Payments available for:

  • Vital Certificates (Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates)
    • Please call 978-369-6155 or email before your transaction to ensure availability of your Certificate.
  • Marriage Intentions (Marriage Licenses)
    • Marriage Intentions must be completed in person with an appointment. The online transaction is a payment of the license fee only. For instructions and further information, please see the Marriage Licenses webpage or contact our office.
  • Dog Licenses
  • Raffle Permits
    • Raffle Permits must be completed in person. The online transaction is a payment of the permit fee only.
  • Town Zoning (Zoning Board of Appeals Application)
    • ZBA Applications must be completed in person. Please contact Peggy Wang, Administrative Assistant of the ZBA, at 978-369-5326 or before your transaction. The online transaction is a payment of the application ($150) and abutters list ($50) fees only. 

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