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1. Which vaccine will we likely receive in Carlisle?
2. How effective is the Moderna vaccine?
3. When can I get a vaccine?
4. Who is eligible to get the vaccine at the Carlisle Vaccine Clinics?
5. What is considered a co-morbid condition?
6. Do I need documentation that I have a comorbid condition?
7. How can I sign up for the vaccine?
8. If I am identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19, can I still get a vaccine?
9. Where will the vaccine be distributed?
10. Where will the vaccine be distributed in Carlisle?
11. WIll I need 2 doses of vaccine? How exact does the timing of the second dose have to be?
12. Do both doses have to be from the same pharmaceutical company?
13. Are there any side effects to receiving the vaccine?
14. Can I take a pain medication if I have side effects from the vaccine?
15. How do I know if I have COVID or a reaction to the vaccine?
16. How long will protection from a 2-dose vaccination last?
17. What is in the vaccine?
18. Do I need a prescription from my doctor for the vaccine?
19. Is the vaccine safe for pregnant or lactating women?
20. Could a vaccine for COVID-19 be required?
21. Should I get the vaccine if I've already had COVID?
22. Is the COVID-19 vaccine free?
23. Will I be provided with documentation that I've been vaccinated?
24. Can I stop wearing a mask after I get the vaccine?
25. How will vaccines work against new COVID-19 variants, like the one that appeared in the United Kingdom?
26. Can I choose which vaccine I receive?
27. How long after getting the COVID-19 vaccine does it take to be effective?