How can I get more information?

Contact the Conservation Commission office for guidance as to whether a protected resource area is located on a specific property and/or whether an activity is subject to regulation. The text of the Wetlands Protection Act, the regulations and application forms can be viewed on the DEP’s website, shown below. They may also be viewed in the Carlisle Conservation Commission office along with the Carlisle Non-zoning Wetland Bylaw. The State House Bookstore in Boston and the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions in Belmont are also sources for the state law, regulations and forms.

Department of Environmental Protection

Northeast Region, Wetlands Division
205B Lowell Street
Wilmington, MA 01887

Phone: 978-694-3200

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Website

Policies and Procedures

Applicants must contact the Carlisle Conservation Commission office for policies and procedures regarding deep hole and percolation tests as well as filing requirements and fees.

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1. What are wetlands, floodplains and riverfronts?
2. Why are wetlands, floodplains and riverfronts protected?
3. How are boundaries of wetlands and floodplains identified?
4. What activities are subject to the Wetlands Protection Act?
5. What if work is planned in or near a resource area?
6. What happens if a violation of the Act occurs?
7. What other wetland related regulations may apply?
8. How can I get more information?