What is the Community Preservation Act?

The CPA was signed into law as MGL Chapter 44B in September 2000. It allows towns to create a Community Preservation Fund for open space protection, historic preservation, affordable housing and outdoor recreation. The CPA also creates a statewide Community Preservation Trust Fund (“Trust Fund”), administered by the Department of Revenue (DOR), which provides matching distributions each year to communities that have adopted CPA. The statute gives towns the right to place a surcharge on local property taxes of not more than 3% of the local real estate tax levy on each property, and to exempt the first $100,000 of the property value from the surcharge.

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1. What is the Community Preservation Act?
2. How is the CPA administered in Carlisle?
3. How does one apply for CPA funding?
4. How does the CPC decide whether to recommend a project for funding?
5. What is a Grant Agreement?