Police Department


41 Lowell Street
Carlisle, MA 01741




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Hours of Operation: 

Always Available

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Arguoyan, Christopher W. Patrol Officer    
Barnes, Scott W. Sergeant    
Bishop, Kirk G. Public Safety Dispatcher    
Booth, Andrew J. Sergeant    
Buckland, Ashley M. Patrol Officer    
Burgess, William C. Patrol Officer    
Carrier, Susan Administrative Assistant (Notary Public)    
Corwin, Andrew C. Patrol Officer    
Crowe, Leo T. Lieutenant    
Gilligan, Broghan J. Public Safety Dispatcher      
Hodgson, Richard Special Officer    
Lynch, Mikayla Public Safety Dispatcher      
Mack, Stephen M. Sergeant    
Mastrogiovanni, James A. Patrol Officer    
Melisi, Jeffrey Special Officer    
Otto, Steven F. Patrol Officer    
Saponaro, Debra L. Patrol Officer    
Sawyer, Ronald C. Public Safety Dispatcher    
Schofield, Mark A. Patrol Officer    
Seminatore, Christian W. Patrol Officer    
Smith, Paul J. Patrol Officer    
Taplin, Michael L. Communications Manager    
Taylor, Royce Patrol Officer    
Tornquist, Richard C. Patrol Officer    
Whelan, Thomas Special Officer    
Amendola, Andrew Chief of Police 978-369-1818