FY 2023 CPA Project Eligibility Application Form

The Carlisle Community Preservation Committee (“CPC”) is currently soliciting project proposals under the Community Preservation Act (“CPA”) for approval at the April 2022 Town Meeting.

Project application forms should be emailed to Luke Ascolillo (luke.ascolillo@comcast.net) or delivered to the Town Clerk’s office at Town Hall no later than Friday, February 11, 2022.

 The town has voted to levy a 2% annual surcharge on property tax bills in accordance with the provisions of the CPA. The CPA also provides that the State may elect to match all, part, or none of the surcharge collected by the town.  In FY22, Carlisle’s CPA surcharge resulted in a State match of $191,608 (~39%).

 The funds collected through the CPA process must be expended on project relating to three areas: open space and recreation, historical preservation, and community housing. At least 10% of the estimated funds collected must be spent on each of these three areas. Based on last year’s actuals the ESTIMATED funds available after Town Meeting for FY23 appropriation include: Open Space/Recreation ($306,873), Community Housing ($505,781), Historic ($373,692) and Undesignated ($1,439,718). The reserve fund is estimated to be $467,600.

 The CPC considers and acts on CPA proposals on a parallel course to the town budget process. To obtain funding, a project must be recommended to Town Meeting by a majority of CPC members and then be approved at Town Meeting by Carlisle citizens. After the project application deadline, the CPC will notify project sponsors of the acceptance of their proposal.  The CPC intends to review applications and receive presentations from applicants at meetings beginning after the application submission closing date. The committee will recommend a final list of projects for consideration at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting.

 The committee will work with applicants and Town Counsel to set up Grant Agreements. These agreements will specifically outline what funds are to be used for. Agreements will be completed before the town meeting and copies will be sent with the warrant handbook.

FY 2023 Application Form HERE