Transfer Station Task Force

Purpose:  To recommend to the Select Board a comprehensive plan for changes to the Town Transfer Station, with the following three objectives in mind:

1. Reduce the overall amount of solid waste collectively generated by the households in Town;
2. Reduce cost of operating the Transfer Station; and
3. Create an equitable system for paying in proportion to solid waste generation by each household.

Issues to consider:

• Signage, traffic flow, general appearance
• Pay As You Throw (PAYT)
• Enhanced re-use via the Swap Shed
• Fee structure and procedure for handling items currently accepted for free but for which town pays disposal fee (appliances, tires, TVs etc.)
• Expanded organics (food waste) composting (Black Earth)
• Construction debris rules, process and cost
• Compliance and monitoring
• Community outreach and education

Timeline:   Submit recommendations and plan to Select Board by Q4 2021-- include multistep, multi-year outline to implement changes in phases

Committee membership:   5-7 voting members (1 Select Board member, at least 1 from Household Waste Recycling Committee (HWRC), and 3-5 others.   The Town Administrator and Department of Public Works Superintendent to serve as nonvoting member.                                                                                                             

Diverse points of view welcome!

Term- 1-2 years, staggered 

May 2022

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The Transfer Station Task Force completed their efforts in December 2021, and presented recommendations to the Select Board in January 2022.  Find the full report in the Google Docs available HERE

Members Affiliation 
Barbara Arnold select Board
Rob Peary  Household Recycling
Launa Zimmaro Household Recycling
Christine Lear, Chair Citizen at Large
Carren Panico  Citizen at Large
John Lavery, Vice-chair  Citizen at Large
Thornton Ash  Citizen at Large
Carrie Patel Citizen at Large
Tom Bilotta  Citizen at Large
Mary Zoll  Citizen at Large
John Petrie  Citizen at Large