Message From Select Board

December 30, 2020 

The Town remains in a declared emergency status which means that access to the Town Hall is only by appointment with entry monitored by a “gate keeper” who will ensure that residents take the necessary precautions to safeguard those who work there.  Documents, such as tax payments, applications, census forms, etc. that don’t require personal action can be dropped into the box outside the front door so that entry isn’t required.  

 The recent surge in COVID-19 positive tests in town is discouraging and indicates that not all residents are taking the steps necessary to limit the spread of the virus.   The governor has re-imposed restrictions on public gatherings, most likely until the positive testing rate declines.  Residents are urged to limit travel, to avoid gatherings, and to wear face masks at all times when in public.  These guidelines will remain in effect even after vaccinations become available until the spread of the virus subsides.  

 The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), chaired by Emergency Management Director Chief John Fisher, continues to meet weekly to plan and to implement policies and programs that maximize the safety of town residents.  The LEPC is comprised of both town officials and, importantly, volunteers who deliver critical services to our townspeople.  Carlisle has a relatively small paid workforce and we are extremely fortunate to have dedicated citizens who selflessly provide hundreds of hours of service to ensure that our town’s needs are met.  We are also indebted to Chief Bryan Sorrows and the fire/EMT force who are providing testing for high priority residents on an as-needed basis.

 As we enter the next phase of this pandemic – the administration of vaccines – the LEPC and Board of Health have plans in place for how this will be done and are awaiting only approval and a distribution timetable from the state to move ahead.  

 Regular LEPC reports are given at the beginning of each Select Board meeting (2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month) as well as whenever important announcements are needed.