Senior Tax Worker Program

Carlisle FY 23 Senior Tax Worker Program Guidelines:

 If you are a Carlisle property owner, sixty years old or older, you are eligible to apply for the Carlisle Senior Tax Worker Program. In addition, if you live with a Carlisle senior who meets all the eligibility requirements, you can work in their place without meeting all of the eligibility requirements yourself.  

 Approved applicants provide work assistance to town departments such as the Council on Aging, School, Police, Library, Town Clerk’s office and more. Tax workers can earn up to $1,500 working approximately 105 hours at the 2022 minimum wage of $14.25/hr. Tax workers keep detailed time sheets, signed by the tax worker and the department supervisor, which must be submitted at the end of the tax worker cycle, December 31, 2022.

 To comply with IRS and local regulations, all participants in the Senior Tax Worker Program are required to complete the necessary documentation to become an employee of the Town before beginning work. If you have done this in the past and have not stopped or suspended being a tax worker, you do not need to do this again. 

 Earnings from the program are considered income for Federal tax purposes but they are not considered income for Massachusetts state taxes. Tax Worker positions are not benefits-eligible; however, all statutory federal deductions apply. Currently, a deduction of 1.45% is contributed by all employees for Medicare, and this is matched by the Town. You may also be subject to deductions for a contribution to a retirement plan (these funds minus administrative fees are returned when you are no longer a tax worker). 

 The FY 23 senior tax worker cycle runs from January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022. In January of 2023, senior tax workers will receive a W2 showing the net amount of the tax reduction earned as well as required deductions. The net amount may be subtracted from your January 2023 tax bill which is due on February 1, 2023.

 Assignments are made in December although applications are accepted throughout the period of the program. If you would like to apply or learn more about this program, please contact the Council on Aging at 978-371-2895. 

Fillable Application Form