Path to Zero Emissions (DRAFT)

Public Review Draft:  Path to Zero Emissions—Creating a Sustainable Carlisle

The Sustainability Goals Subcommittee of the Carlisle Energy Task Force prepared this report to:

  • Help Carlisle residents understand the benefits and implications of adopting and pursuing goals to reduce Carlisle’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Help the Master Plan Steering Committee solicit input on the community’s level of support for adopting and pursuing emissions reduction goals.

The report documents Carlisle’s first community-wide estimate of greenhouse gas emissions (broken down by sector and fuel type), identifies options for greenhouse gas reduction goals, and outlines a conceptual approach for reaching such goals.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on this review draft (please see instructions below).

Executive Summary (6 pages; 0.5 MB)

Carlisle GHG Goals Report--Executive Summary--Public Review Draft

Report (72 pages; 2.2 MB)

Carlisle GHG Goals Report--Public Review Draft

Instructions for Submitting Comments


By December 31, 2019

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  • Digitally scanned handwritten comments on printed pages of report

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  • Include specific comments as well as overall impressions

  • Make clear and conspicuous exactly where in the report each comment applies

  • Where appropriate, provide justification for suggested change, along with citations for supporting documents

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