Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee


Adopted 9/10/2019

Ensuring pedestrian and vehicle safety in Carlisle is a critical responsibility of the Board of Selectmen. Towards this end, the Board has created a Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee. The mission of the Committee will be to bring attention to, and work to eliminate, unsafe conditions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers of motorized vehicles of all ages and abilities.

This Committee will have three main focus areas:

  1. Implement approved projects to include Complete Streets Program – Manage all approved and funded Complete Streets grant projects awarded to Carlisle.
  2. Pedestrian Safety – Improve existing pathways and road crossings and propose new pathways and crossings to enhance the overall walkability of Carlisle
  3. Traffic Safety – Review traffic safety concerns and issues within Carlisle, including, but not limited to, speed limits, signage, lines of sight, and traffic flow

The Committee will determine short-term and long-term goals and draft plans and policies necessary to create a comprehensive and integrated transportation and pedestrian network serving the needs of all users, prioritizing the needs of Carlisle citizens. The Committee will develop proposed revisions to all appropriate plans, general and zoning bylaws, procedures, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, templates, and design manuals in order to integrate, accommodate, and balance the transportation goals in Carlisle. The Committee will also be responsible for assessing and providing solutions for potential obstacles to the successful completion of all pedestrian and traffic related projects in the Town of Carlisle.

 The Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Selectmen and does not have direct spending authority.

The Committee will be comprised of seven (7) members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a three-year term with the expectation that the term may be extended.

Ryan McLane, Town Administrator 2025
Luke Ascolillo, Chair 2025
James Hall, DPW Director 2025
Chief of Police Andrew Amendola 2025
Fire Chief Bryan Sorrows 2025
Ann de Saussure Davidson, Citizen at large 2025
Lee Storrs 2025
Non-Voting Members
Janne Corneil (Master Planning)