Municipal Aggregation Program

The Town of Carlisle is pleased to announce that Public Power, LLC has been selected as the supplier for its Community Choice Power Supply Program (“Program”). This Program is a municipal aggregation which enables local government to combine the purchasing power of its residents and businesses to provide them with an alternative to Eversource Basic Service (M.G.L. c. 164, § 134). This Program only affects the supply portion of your monthly bill. It will not affect the delivery portion of your monthly bill. Eversource will continue to deliver your electricity but Carlisle has chosen the supplier for the Program. Public Power will provide electric power supply for all consumers currently on Basic Service in Carlisle.


    Sign and return the enclosed opt-out card in the postage paid envelope provided; OR

    Visit and click the opt-out button, then fill out and submit the Opt-Out Form; OR

    Call Public Power at (800) 830-2944 and ask to remain on Eversource Basic Service.

Municipal Aggregation Status Reports:

Quarterly Report through Sept 2019 PDF

Quarterly Report thru June 2019 PDF

Quarterly Report thru Oct 2018 PDF