Keeper of the Town Clock

At Town Meeting in 1894, the town accepted a gift of $1,000 from Joanna Gleason to purchase a town clock to be placed in the tower of the Unitarian Church as she felt it would be “the most desirable place for it as the building is high and stands high.” The Howard Clock Company made the clock at a cost of $600. Mrs. Gleason added to the balance such that $600 was placed in a fund to be invested, with the income to be used for the care of the clock. The Town makes up the difference when the income from Town Clock Fund is not sufficient for annual maintenance.

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Robert J. Koning, Jr.
Keeper of the Town Clock
Old Houses and Families of Carlisle, Mass., Martha Fifield Wilkins, Courtesy Gleason Public Library

Image from “Old Houses and Families of Carlisle, Mass.,” MarthaFifield Wilkins, Courtesy Gleason Public Library, Carlisle, Massachusetts