Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect LogoBlackboard Connect is a service to Carlisle residents for local emergency notifications. Residents are informed by telephone, e-mail, and/or text when there is an emergency or other important public safety or public health announcement such as severe weather warnings, hazardous road conditions affecting local routes, public health emergencies and any other situation that could impact safety, property, or public health and welfare.

Citizens are encouraged to use multiple sources for emergency notifications, especially to obtain imminent severe weather warnings. For more information about Blackboard Connect, click here.

To sign up so you can change the phone number you want called or to add notification via text or email, click here

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Members Title
David R. Flannery
Fire Chief Director
Gary Davis
Supt. of Public Works
Linda Fantasia
Health Agent
John C. Fisher
Chief of Police
Tim Goddard
Town Administrator
David Klein
Director, Council of Aging
Alan Lewis
HAM Radio Officer
Jon Metivier
Building Commissioner
Bill Risso
Board of Selectmen