Municipal Facilities Committee

Term Expires
Jerome Lerman, Chair 2024
Steve Hinton 2025
Carrie Patel, School Committee 2024
William Risso, Vice Chair 2024
Travis Snell 2025
Steve Bastek, Town Facilities Manager  
School Facilities Manager  

   The Town shall have a Municipal Facilities Committee (MFC) consisting of five (5) interested and qualified people appointed by the Select Board for staggered three year terms. The Town and School Facilities Managers shall also be non-voting members of the committee.  The Committee shall be responsible, when authorized by the Board of Selectmen, and/or Town Meeting vote, for investigating and advising the Town regarding the design, construction, reconstruction, maintenance alteration or enlargement of all buildings and facilities owned by the Town or constructed on land owned, leased or operated by the Town.  The buildings within the scope of the Committee include, but are not limited to, the Town Hall, Library, , police and fire buildings, Department of Public Works building, the Highland building, and the Cranberry Bog House.

   The Committee will also be responsible for developing and implementing long term maintenance plans and overseeing selection of maintenance contractors and major maintenance activities for all Town facilities.

   The Committee will also recommend all facility projects that will be submitted to the Long Term Capital Requirements Committee (LTCRC) for funding requests. The committee will establish and maintain a 10-year master plan for each facility that will assure that the facility will maintain level performance and does not deteriorate. 

    All solicitations for maintenance and designer services and invitations for bids for construction shall be coordinated with the Town Administrator/Chief Procurement Officer to assure compliance with the applicable provisions of the General Laws. Per Town procurement policy and the General Laws, The Town Administrator/CPO and shall award and execute all services contracts and construction contracts of less than $50,000, while the Board of Selectmen shall award and execute all contracts of $50,000 and greater upon the favorable recommendation of the Municipal Facilities Committee

  In support of major construction projects of $150,000 or greater, the Select Board shall appoint the department head and/or two (2) committee members for which a project is being planned or constructed as non-voting ex officio members of the Municipal Facilities Committee for the duration of said project.


 A. The funds for construction activities for facilities and for capital expenses of existing facilities shall be appropriated to and expended under the direction of the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen. 

 B. Whenever funding approval is sought from Town Meeting, the Committee and the Board or committee for which a project is being planned, or capital expenses for a building being requested, shall provide a detailed report to Town Meeting that includes an explanation of the project need, scope of work, alternatives, schedule, costs, and how it fits into an overall cohesive plan.

 C. Funding for some projects may also come from existing department budgets to enable the town to leverage services and contracts across municipal facilities.

Date of adopted:  12/13/16

Amended  4/6/18

Amended  4/9/19