Municipal Facilities Committee

Term Expires
Jerome Lerman, Chair 2024
Steve Hinton 2025
Carrie Patel, School Committee 2024
William Risso, Vice Chair 2026
Travis Snell 2025
Steve Bastek, Town Facilities Manager  
School Facilities Manager  


The Municipal Facilities Committee (MFC) shall consist of five (5) interested and qualified people appointed by the Select Board for staggered three year terms. At least one of the MFC members shall also be a member of the School Committee.   The Town and School Facilities Managers shall also be non-voting members of the MFC. 


The purpose of the MFC is to provide planning, budgeting, and oversight services to the Town related to all existing municipal buildings and facilities owned by the Town or constructed on land owned, leased, or operated by the Town. The MFC shall be responsible for prioritizing, developing, and implementing both short and long-term maintenance and capital plans and reviewing maintenance activities for all such Town facilities.  The buildings within the scope of the MFC include but are not limited to, the Town Hall, Library, police and fire buildings, Department of Public Works building(s), the Highland building, and the Cranberry Bog House.


The MFC shall prepare and maintain a capital budget for all such municipal facilities that include both the short-term projected repair and capital estimates, as well as longer (10-year) capital projections.  The MFC shall annually submit a capital plan to the Town Administrator, Select Board and Finance Committee. 


To accomplish its work, the MFC shall authorize and oversee a designated Town employee, under the direction of the Town Administrator, to carry out the general, ongoing maintenance and repairs on such facilities.   For maintenance and capital projects requiring design and engineering services, the MFC shall be authorized to solicit and hire such engineers to perform such services as reasonably necessary for such projects, the procurement of which shall be through Town Administrator’s office.   

Large capital facility projects that require the significant rebuilding of existing facilities or the proposed construction of new facilities shall be at the direction of the Select Board.  Such project(s) would generally be undertaken by a new task force or specific committee designated to such project(s) as directed by the Select Board.   The Select Board shall appoint at least two (2) members of the MFC to serve on any such major facility capital project task force or committee, since it is the expectation that the MFC members would have knowledge of the existing facilities which may be valuable to such future construction.  



A. The funds for construction activities for facilities and for capital expenses of existing facilities shall be appropriated to and expended under the direction of the Town Administrator and Select Board.

B. Funding for some projects may also come from existing department budgets to enable the town to leverage services and contracts across municipal facilities.


This charter shall be reviewed every three (3) years by the MFC and the Select Board to modify procedures.

Date adopted: 12/13/16 

 Amended 4/6/18 & 4/9/19 & 11/10/22