Deer Control Committee

Staff Contact Position Phone
Mary Hopkins Administrative Assistant 978-369-0336
Representing Term
Alex Parra, Vice-Chair Conservation Commission 2020
Todd Thorsen, Secretary Board of Health 2020
Jonathan DeKock, Chair Trails Committee 2020
John Keating Citizen at Large 2020
Barney Arnold Board of Selectmen 2020
Dejan Bojanic Deer Agent 2020
Detective Andrew Corwin Carlisle Police Department Representative 2020


Meetings are scheduled regularly at Town Hall in the evening and posted on the Town Website.

Deer Control Committee Charter

The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a Deer Control  Committee  (“DCC”)  to  administer  a pilot Bow Hunting for Deer program on designated  town  owned  land.  The  DCC  is responsible for collecting information about deer hunting programs in other towns, from nearby land trusts and other relevant agencies such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The DCC is responsible on a yearly basis for the development and implementation of regulations, including their enforcement, to govern a bow hunting program on town owned land in Carlisle. The BOS shall appoint a “Deer Agent” to assist with the Bow Hunting program who shall be a member of the DCC. On a yearly basis, these regulations shall be reviewed by the Board of Health, the Conservation Commission, any additional holders of a conservation restriction on land proposed for bow hunting, and the Board of Selectmen. The opportunity for community input shall be provided yearly, and the regulations revised as needed based on input from these boards/organizations and the public. Every year prior to the beginning of Bow Hunting for deer on town owned land, a final set of regulations, including the timeline of the Bow Hunting season, must be submitted to the BOS and the Conservation Commission for final approval.

The DCC membership will include:

Bow hunter with demonstrated qualifications and experience hunting on town owned lands; to be designated the “Deer Agent” – 1

Board of Health – 1 Conservation Commission – 1 Trails Committee – 1

Carlisle Police Department – 1 Board of Selectmen – 1 Citizen-at-Large – 1

Members: 7

Appointed by the Board of Selectmen/Term: 1 year