Energy Task Force

Please see the Environmental Sustainability Committee webpage for current information.


Since 2011, Carlisle has been a Massachusetts Green Community, allowing us to apply for state-funded grants to reduce municipal energy use.  Using state funds, we have installed energy-saving measures and renewable energy systems in Carlisle’s municipal buildings and street lighting that lower municipal energy use by over 20% (3900 MMBtu/year).  Examples include:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of the school
  • High-efficiency LED street lights
  • Various measures lowering Town Hall energy use by 37%

Measures approved for 2018/2019 include:

  • Additional LED lighting for school
  • HVAC upgrades for school
  • HVAC upgrades for Town Hall
  • Anti-idling technology for police vehicles
  • Electric vehicle charging station for library
  • LED lighting for DPW.


Carlisle residents have the third largest carbon footprint in Massachusetts (CoolClimate Network website), with average household carbon emissions of 81.6 metric tons of CO2 per year. No doubt, our semi-rural setting and larger-than-average homes contribute to this.  The CETF helps Carlisle residents lower their energy use and adopt renewable energy.  Examples include:

  • March to August 2018:  Conducting  HeatSmart, a state-sponsored program to help residents learn about and purchase clean energy technologies:  See
  • 2015/2016:  Conducted Carlisle Solar Challenge—Installed 220 kW of residential solar photovoltaic systems, with perhaps a total of 400 kW if including indirect impacts
  • 2013:  Conducted Solarize Mass, a state-sponsored program to help residents learn about and purchase solar photovoltaic systems.  Installed over 380 kW (well above program goals).


We provide middle school and CCHS students with opportunities to volunteer and learn about carbon reduction and sustainability issues that can contribute to their community service hours.

We provide community presentations, arrange home tours, and host other events to help educate Carlisle residents.

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