Housing Authority

The mission of the Carlisle Housing Authority is to increase the supply of affordable housing stock in Carlisle through various direct and indirect initiatives, while preserving the semi-rural character of the town. Affordable housing is defined as those units that could be purchased oriented by a family with 80% of the Boston metro area median income. The affordable housing units are primarily targeted to meet the housing needs of Carlisle families and those people connected to Carlisle: Town employees, the elderly, and those of modest means.

To increase the supply of affordable housing units in Carlisle, the Housing Authority will work with developers to build affordable units, it will work to rehabilitate existing structures in town, it will seek to amend the bylaws to encourage more affordable units, and it will work with any party interested in assisting the authority in meeting its affordable housing objectives. The Housing Authority is also responsible for administering specific Housing Authority units and affordable housing subsidy programs.

Members Term Expires
David Freedman, Chair May 7, 2019
Beverly Shorey May 7, 2019
George Payne  May 7, 2019
Vacant Governor’s Appointee