Carlisle Public Schools

Vision Statement

The vision of the Carlisle Public Schools is to inspire intellectual and ethical excellence so our students are prepared to participate with integrity in a global community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Carlisle Public Schools is to provide a collaborative and caring community in which each student is known, understood, and valued so that students can learn to their fullest potential in a safe, inclusive environment with high expectations and clear standards for all.

Core Values

Academic Excellence, Creativity, Respect, Responsibility

A fuller expression of these values would include... 

  • We always look beyond what we now know. 
  • We constantly work to know more. 
  • We are respectful toward all in our community. 
  • We use what we know to help others. 
  • We take responsibility for ourselves and for others.
Staff Contact Title
James O’Shea
Carlisle School Committee
Name Title
Role Term 
Jack Huntress Chair 2020-2023
Amanda Comperchio Vice-chair 2020-2023
Sharon A Whitt  Regional School Representative 2022-2025
Sarah Wilson Regional School Representative 2022-2025
Carrie Patel Member 2021-2024