Police Department

The mission of the Carlisle Police Department is to work with the community to eliminate crime, and improve the quality of life in the Town of Carlisle. The Carlisle Police Department strives to provide fair and courteous services designed to promote public safety, protect individual rights and be responsive to the needs of the community in a manner that stresses the highest values of excellence, dignity and professionalism.

Police Department Patch
Full Time Police OfficersRankServing Since
John C. FisherChief of Police8/20/11
Leo T. CroweLieutenant6/1985
Scott W. BarnesSergeant10/1997
Stephen M. MackSergeant11/1991
Andrew J. Booth (Notary Public)Sergeant10/1999
Paul J. SmithPatrol Officer5/2001
Christopher W. ArguoyanPatrol Officer3/2012
Michael FauteuxPatrol Officer 6/2020
Andrew C. Corwin
Patrol Officer5/2013
Kerry A. BaxterDetective9/2020

Special Police Officers/Part Time PersonnelRankServing Since
W. Royce TaylorPatrol Officer8/1983
Mark A. SchofieldPatrol Officer6/1984
William C. BurgessPatrol Officer10/1996
Christian W. SeminatorePatrol Officer5/2010
Jared R. LaymanPatrol Officer2/2019
Steven F. OttoSpecial Officer1/1979
Eloi G. RueggPatrol Officer2/2019
Thomas M. WhelanSpecial Officer5/1989
Richard A. HodgsonSpecial Officer8/2015
Christopher PeachSpecial Officer4/2020
Richard TornquistSpecial Officer7/2020
Gregory E. BalzottiPatrol Officer7/2021

Notary Public
Administrative Assistant

Communications DepartmentRankServing Since
Kirk G. BishopCommunications Manager12/2008
Ronald C. SawyerPublic Safety Dispatcher2/2011
Christian W. SeminatorePublic Safety Dispatcher9/2017
Angel R. ReyesPublic Safety Dispatcher1/2018
Heather GracyPublic Safety Dispatcher 3/2020