Appointed Town Officials

Town Administrator

Ryan M. McLane

Assistant Town Administrator/HR

Aubrey Thomas

Town Treasurer & Tax Collector

Sandra Nason

Town Accountant

Kelly Beyer

Principal Assessor

Brian MacDonald

Town Counsel

Miyares and Harrington, LLP

Labor Counsel

Mirick O'Connell

Chief of Police

Andrew Amendola

Fire Chief

Bryan Sorrows

Gene Delano

Animal Control/Dog Officer 

Matthew Svatek

Animal Control/Dog Officer 

James Hall

Dept. of Public Works, Director

Stephen Bastek

Town Facilities Manager

Town Planner

Julie Mercier

Building Commissioner

Jon Metivier

Inspector of Plumbing

James Powderly

Pump & Well Inspector

Ralph Metivier

Wiring Inspector

Henry Parlee

Inspector of Animals

Gene Delano

Deborah A. Toher

Keeper of Town Flag

Tom Ratcliffe

Town Clock Keeper

Koning, Robert Jr.


Andrew Amendola, Police Chief

Scott Barnes

Joseph Topol