Select Board Announcements and Presentations

Introducing the first monthly municipal newsletter for the Town of Carlisle departments, boards, committees and residents! The goal is to foster and encourage communication across the community and highlight the great work everyone continues to achieve. Click here for the newsletter.

On December 13, 2022, the Public Safety Facilities Task Force presented to the Select Board with a status report. Click these links for their presentation and report: PSFTF Presentation / PSFTF Report

Happy Holidays! As you go about your holiday activities, there are many easy ways to lighten your carbon footprint without sacrificing joy. Carlisle’s Sustainability Coordinator Sue Thomas has put together great ideas on how to go green this holiday season. Click here for more!

Congratulations to Chief Sorrows and the Carlisle Fire Department! The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and the Department of Fire Services (DFS) awarded the Town of Carlisle $15,500 for the Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant Program. This funding will help the department purchase turnout gear, a new saw, and a thermal imaging camera.

On January 17, 2023, the Council on Aging and Human Services presented to the Select Board about the rising need in serving the expanding senior population in Carlisle. Click here for their presentation.

Click here for the January 2023 municipal newsletter!

On January 17th, the Select Board met jointly with the Planning Board to discuss the recently completed Housing Production Plan. MAPC gave a great presentation on the current state of Carlisle’s housing stock and the report provided recommendations for the town to enact to meet affordable housing goals.

On January 31, Town Planner Julie Mercier presented a high-level summary of the Master Plan implementation process to the Select Board.

Two CPA project proposals were presented at the Select Board meeting on Tuesday night: the Gleason Library interior renovation, and the restoration of Cranberry Bog #1. 

On January 31, the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) presented an update to the Select Board on the upcoming Route to Sustainability Day.

On February 13, the APRA Committee presented applications and recommendations to the Select Board. The first was from the Board of Health for Stop the Bleed training, and the second from the accounting office for federal audit funds. 

On February 13th, the Public Safety Facilities Task Force provided its recommendations to the Select Board. Click here for the presentation.

The Town Administrator presented to the Select Board on Monday night a budget and capital plan update as well as the proposed warrant articles for the May 9th Annual Town Meeting. Click here for more.

On Thursday, the Assistant Town Administrator provided a memorandum to the Select Board on recommendations for the personnel bylaws and policies. Click here for more.

Click here for the February 2023 municipal newsletter!

On February 28, the Select Board and Finance Committee held a joint meeting to review the FY24 Budget Draft and Long-Term Capital Plan as well as the Draft Town Meeting Warrant Article Requests. Click here for more information. 

On February 28, the Town Administrator presented upcoming Town Hall structural changes, which includes entryway glass meeting rooms and a 2nd Floor Reorganization. 

On March 14, the Select Board held an updated FY24 Budget Review. 

On March 14, the Resident Services Team compiled a list of potential uses for opioid settlement dollars if the Select Board chose to accept the state’s settlement plan. 

On March 14, the Select Board heard warrant article presentations from the COAHS regarding Senior Property Tax Exemption, and ESC regarding Stretch Code Opt-In Program. 

On April 11, the Select Board voted to accept Chapter 269 of the acts of 2022, local option to grant retirees, a one-time COLA increase from 3% to 5% of the system’s $16k COLA base.