Environmental Sustainability Committee

Mission Statement: To develop and implement a Town-wide environmental sustainability work plan.   This will include but is not limited to:

  • Short- and long-term Town-wide sustainability goals based upon the Carlisle Master Plan and prioritized, achievable outcomes and timelines, with an initial focus on year one
  • A municipal environmental impact review process to be used for making decisions about 

new buildings, sitings, renovations, vehicle and equipment purchases, maintenance work and land use to be adopted by all Town and School boards and staff, developers and other businesses who operate in Carlisle 

  • Grant opportunities, town policies and ordinance/by law or code changes that will facilitate and fund environmental stewardship in the municipal, agricultural, residential, or commercial sectors in collaboration with appropriate town staff and volunteer boards
  • An annual operating budget and a plan for long-term funding of staff to support the Committee’s work
  • Outreach to and coordination with appropriate Town boards and committees, and other regional organizations with shared sustainability goals 
  • Community education about environmental sustainability, including residential programs available to help residents make similar decisions and behavior changes to reduce their household environmental impact

A workplan and FY23 budget will be presented to the Select Board for review and approval in the Fall of 2022.  Short-term, low-cost sustainability efforts may be initiated prior to the workplan completion with the approval of the Town Administrator and Chair of the Select Board.

Membership:   Members are appointed by the Select Board.  The Select Board reserves the right to add or dismiss members at any time.  

  • 10 voting members +/-
  • Carlisle residents who support the mission 
  • Sustainability Coordinator, Sue Thomas, as a non-voting member through FY23
  • Other resource people as non-voting members
  • Select Board Liaison, non-voting member

Term:   For FY 23, all members will serve a 1-year term, ending on June 30, 2023.  As of FY 24, members will serve 1, 2, and 3-year staggered terms.

The Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) will report back to the Select Board at least once per year and will be responsible for writing a report on its work for the annual Carlisle Town Report.

Submitted to the Carlisle Select Board meeting on August 9, 2022.  

* Appointed Select Board liaison for the Environmental Sustainability Committee is Barney Arnold

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Environmental Sustainability Committee  Term
Launa Zimmaro 2023
Robert Zogg 2023
Dan Cook 2023
Judy Asarkof 2023
Christina Christodoulopoulos 2023
Joeth Barlas
Eric Balles 2023
Deborah Bentley 2023
Glenn Reed 2023
Susan Thomas, Sustainability Coordinator