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A Message from the Moderator

This is a place for you to post questions you have about specific Warrant Articles for the Upcoming Town Meeting. It’s a way for Town officials, as well as your fellow citizens, to better understand what citizens want to know before they vote on the floor of Town Meeting. And that can help both proponents and opponents prepare their remarks. I hope this forum leads to more informative presentations and debates.

To review the questions already posted, click on the link to a specific Warrant Article below. To post a question, click here to fill out a form. Your form will be sent to the Moderator and reviewed before posting. Please note that only genuine questions of fact will be permitted, such as “Which of our neighboring towns have taken a similar approach in their bylaws?” This is not intended as a substitute for the debate on the floor of Town Meeting, so arguments for and against, or arguments disguised in the form of questions will not be posted.

- Wayne Davis

Questions for the May 9, 2017 Town Meeting 

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